Favourite Australian Music Experience

It’s only half the story without the fans

We’re on the hunt for your Favourite Australian Music Experience, we like to call it FAME. We know everyone has a FAME story they’ve told a million times at the pub and now we want to hear it too.

Your Favourite Australian Music Experience could be about anything, an artist, band, gig, album, song, venue, or festival.

What are you obsessed with?

What do you know that we don’t know?

What special piece of memorabilia is sitting proudly on your shelf?

What epic gig did you witness and cannot forget?


Send us your FAME in the form of short stories (under 150 words), photographs, and/or videos to fame@australianmusicvault.com.au. Make sure you own the copyright to all aspects of your entry!

Our curator’s favourite entries will be featured in the Australian Music Vault to share with other music fans.  

We know everyone has a FAME story, so we want to hear yours!


Entry Dates
Entries open | Monday 21 May 2018
Entries close | Sunday 17 June 2018
Winning entries announced | Thursday 28 June 2018
Winning entries featured | Late 2018

Favourite Australian Music Experience (FAME)

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